Sunday, June 26, 2011

Choir Etiquette

During the concert in Burgau, a fly began flitting around my head. New to the choir, and knowing the discipline expected by the director, I kept my eyes on Steve. The fly demanded more attention, landing on my nose. I looked at the fly, my eyes crossed, and now there were two Steves conducting. I was unsure of fly protocol – to swat or not. Steve never covered this in his talks: was one required to sing with a fly on the nose? Might I inhale it when I breathe? I waved it away, four times, only to have it land on my music, creating new notes as it crawled around. Finally it left to bother other ISingers.

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  1. LOL - So Steve what is the fly on the nose protocol? I am enjoying your blog. Thanks for posting. Barbara Walker