Friday, June 24, 2011

First day

ISing Community Choir has safely arrived in Germany. Most of arrived together at Munich airport and 7:30 am. We found our bus and, after some searching and waiting, we gathered in those members who traveled here on their own and were on our way by 9:30.

We drove through the bucolic Bavarian countryside, gently rolling hills covered by fields of corn and wheat and small wood lots, to the city of Augsberg. Here we had several hours to explore the old town and eat our first German food (and drink some 'breakfast' beer).

The main point was to stay awake all day to better synchronize our internal clocks to the local time. This was hard when we returned to the warm bus, well fed and exercised, for the last leg to Roggenburg.

We are staying at the Kloster Roggensburg, a compound on the edge of town. We are housed in a fairly modern dormatory. The rooms are simple, but the common areas are open, light, and airy, and we are comfortable. They even provided a room for rehearsal and a lounge with refrigerator well stocked with local beer and wine. Ah, the comforts of traveling.

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