Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Sing +

Today we sang our first concert, but not before singing in two other venues. As Steven promised we would, we raised our voices in spaces visually and aurally stunning.

Rehearsal at Kloster Roggensburg

The first was the the church at Kloster Roggensburg. After an 8:30 am rehearsal, we stepped across to the church to experience our sound in a place with 'ring'. Lifting ones voice in such a glorious space was wondrous, as was listening to the reverberations at the end of 'Salmo 150'.

Church at Kloster Roggensburg

(with Sue Brock)

Lower voices belting out 'Ave Maria'

We rode the bus to GΓΌnzburg, where we were met by Christian, a member of the Kammerchor with whom we would sing this evening. Christian was our tour guide to the town's interesting sites. At the Frauenkirche, we again sampled the acoustics of this sacred space, to, we can only hope, the pleasure of the other tourists present.

After a quick trip back to our kloster to pick up our concert attire, we traveled to Burgau. We rehearsed in the Stadtpfarrkirche, both alone and with the Kammerchor, then adjourned for a brief social gathering. Here we fueled ourselves from an impressive spread of homemade Bavarian cakes and pastries.

Our evening started with Mass. We were invited to participate, singing for the intro and offering from the first balcony, the Kammerchor providing a piece from the second balcony. After Mass, the audience changed a little, some parishioners leaving and the public arriving. We created a wonderful noise (Steven detected a gasp from the audience when David launched into his drum solo), closing with the two choirs together singing 'O Sacrum Convivium'. We received a standing ovation.

Performance at Burgau

We closed our day with a rousing dinner, accompanied by many members of the Kammerchor. Back to our rooms for well deserved rest by midnight.

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