Friday, June 24, 2011

What we have learned so far:

Beginning Thursday, we have learned how to travel together. No bags or people left behind so far!

How to eat together. Which often involves find one of the people in the group who speaks enough German to order the sausages and pretzels.

How to see the sights together. There is so much to see with beautiful buildings, statues and countryside all around us.

How to drink beer together. I think we have that one figured out!


  1. Hello Steve, this is Julie from the plane :)
    Me and my friend will be attending the performance in München on Thursday. Burgau is too far of a travel from Hausham where I am. We looked on the frauenkirche church website and they did not say any singing was happening on the 30th. Wanted to make sure this was the right place. If so...see you at 1:30! Looks like you guys are becoming professional Germans so far. Have fun!!

    Julie Huwe from Alaska

  2. That is the correct time for our concert in Munich. We look forward to seeing you there.