Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Full Day

The day started with a leisurely morning, the first of the trip, call time on the bus being 9:30 am. Better yet, breakfast was served in the ornate great hall of the Schloss Leopoldskrone. Best of all, for some, was that added to an extensive European breakfast spread were some familiar American items, like bacon and eggs (the schloss is now owned by an American enterprise).

First stop of the day was the salt mine of Berchesgarten. It was an entertaining experience, riding a trolley, floating on a barge, sliding down on slides, and riding up in a funicular, all underground. Displays along the way illustrated well the workings of the mine.

Next stop was Königsee. Last chance to spend some euros in the shops. Some walked or paddled far enough along the lake to see the cathedral at the other end, but most wandered around the little community of shops and eateries, looking up at the Eagle's Nest on a ridge high above or across at the Olympic luge training facility, or simply enjoying the beauty of the lake and mountains rising above it.

Returning to the bus, we learned there would be one more opportunity to spend some euros: we would make a stop at the oldest brewery of gentian schnapps. They provided an educational tour and samples of six varieties of schnapps. There were many nodding heads on the trip to Munich.

We arrived at our Munich hotel at 5:30 pm, dropped our bags and headed out again to our final German supper at Weihenstephan Abbey, the oldest operating brewery in the world.

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