Saturday, July 2, 2011


We arrived in Munich late Wednesday evening, checking into the Pallotti Haus Freising, where they had kept the kitchen staff late to feed us. The clouds that had been building all afternoon waited until everyone was in bed before letting loose a steady rain. It continued until mid-morning, letting up periodically as we toured the Nymphenburg Palace, wandering the extensive grounds or admiring the ornate carriages.

From the palace, we headed into Munich's old town and the Frauenkirche, the resurrected cathedral in the center of old town, where we performed several pieces. After, we had several hours to wander around the town and enjoy the crowds and sights.

We returned to the Pallotti Haus at exactly 6:00 pm, ducking into the church with the last of the parishioners arriving for evening mass. We showed our appreciation for the kindness of the previous evening by singing the prelude, offertory, and two closing pieces. We then retired to the gardens to for a wine reception hosted by Steve and Rebecca. Some who stayed late enough amused themselves by catching fireflies.

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