Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 2 in Tubingen

From Steve: May 17th
Today has been an exhausting day of walking mostly on cobblestone streets. Today is a feast day so the shops are closed and large trucks are forbidden from traveling on the roads. So traffic is light and few people are out an about. We met up with Inga and her boyfriend, Jochem. We went to the castle in Tübingen (pic attached) which is part of the archeological university (we could hear the bats in the cellar). It has one of the finest displays of early art, but of particular interest is the prehistoric art dating back 35,000 years. Then we went to a more modern Cistercian monastery, only 500 years old. Then we went to Stuttgart, had lunch at a beerhouse and walked around the center and visited a German history museum. Tomorrow we fly to Norway. Up at 3:30 L

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