Monday, May 21, 2012

Exploring Oslo

May 19th

We are enjoying the last of a bottle of wine the Cistercian Abbey in Germany called Eilfingerberg (eleven fingers).   The story is that a barrel of wine was mounted on a stone pillar and because of a crack in the barrel and a winding channel down the pillar, the wine would collect in a small moat around the top of the base of the pillar.  The monks after their meal were allowed to dip their fingers in the wine.    One monk after savoring the wine from his fingers  was overheard to say “if only I had eleven fingers!”  The story is a total fabrication, but looking at the pillar one could see that could be true and the wine definitely worth an extra fingerJ
This morning we wandered over to the Oslo Opera House which is this massive stone complex right on the water.  There are large stone walkways that are actually the roofs of lower rooms.  They create this labyrinth of paths to the top of the building many story high and you can see people strolling up and down or camping out on these metal chairs that can be moved to a favorite spot.  Inside was a mob of people and we were wondering if a ballet or the opera was performing.  Nope, people were queuing up for season tickets!  From the Opera House we took a boat trip around some of the islands and ending up in Bygdøy, a peninsula west of central Oslo.  There we visited the Flam, Kon-Tiki, Norwegian Folk, and the Viking Ships Museums (pic attached).  Long day of walking and seeing wonderful sights.  At  Norsk Folkemuseum, where many different period buildings from over Norway were brought to this one location, we had homemade or should I say farm-made lefse hot from the fire with melted butter.


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