Monday, May 21, 2012

From Tübingen

More from Steve on the road (sorry for the delay, I was away for a few days last week):

Had a wonderful Italian meal complete with a fabulous gelato dessert.  Rebecca and I had a wonderful adventure today getting here from Maulbronn, bus, then train, then another train.

We spent all morning at Maulbronn Abbey the best preserved Cistercian Abbey and a World Heritage Site.  Rebecca and I have been to other Cistercian sites namely Tintern Abbey in Whales and Fountains Abbey in England, but those sights are in ruins and it was moving to see what the monks actually worshiped and lived in.  Lots of pictures.

Yesterday we spent the day in Cologne, five hours at the Dom, (cathedral) (Pic attached).  I’ve always have had a fascination about the tale of the three wise men and this cathedral has a rich history about the three kings.  Paintings, relics and the three tiered coffin with the bones of the magi!  Climbed the steps up the two tallest twin spires in the world, “yes,” the tour guide says “Ulm has the tallest spire in the world, but we have the second tallest and more steps than Ulm, because we have two spires not one.”  That evening we bid a sad goodbye to Susan and her sister Madliene.

Tomorrow we hope to see the museum at the castle in Tübingen.  Being a feast day we hope it will be open.  We will spent the day with Inga, one of the Trossingen gals that spent time with us last summer.

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