Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeward Bound

May 27:
Well it turns out we are both getting a tan. The Norwegians say this heat wave is very unusual this time of year. Summer has come early for them. We are back to our great hotel which provides food all day and night. Pancakes with lingonberries at 4:00! We went to the service at the cathedral, bells, organ and choir. Didn’t understand a word, but I could follow the mass. Was able to reach Iver Kleive. He is away on holiday, so sadly we couldn’t meet. However, he is most excited that I am interested in doing some of his music. This is the link to his performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

And this is the link to the “Lux Aeterna” that we will probably perform with ISing and with Hohnerklang.

After the Lutheran mass at the dom we went to two museums. Saw Munch’s “Scream.” I like the Norwegian title better “skrik,” pronounced skreek. We also admired some wonderful paintings by Monet, Van Gough, Picasso, and El Greco. In the other museum we saw Viking artifacts and treasures. There were a few entrances to stave churches (pic attached) and an exquisitely ornate coat made out of fish skins. We spent the evening on top of the opera house watching the boats in the bay. Tomorrow we start our way back home. Oslo to Berlin to Stuttgart to Atlanta then Portland. Then a McMennamin’s for a hamburger! 
BTW Skål is how they toast in Norway. The Vikings would raise their bowls of beer and say “Skål.” Not particularly imaginative. Skål means ….bowl.

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