Thursday, May 24, 2012

The King and I

May 24:
It has been a very, very warm day and the Norwegians are taking this opportunity to shed most of their clothes and get some sun. We went to several museums, but best was taking what turned out to be a private tour of the Rosenkrantz Tower. Apparently we just missed the king, we walked into the tower and asked for a tour. Two gals looked at each other in a bit of confusion and finally one volunteered. We spent a wonderful time with her and took in so much history. I’m glad I had finished the Hanseatic section of a great book entitled “Salt,” which is the world history of salt. All the pieces of the fish and salt trade are fitting together in my mind and now see the strong trade and religious connection with Bergen and Cologne (Köln). Even came across a medallion with the three kings in the Bergen Museum.

Rebecca and I went to our 1st concert which was a Swedish organist from Paris on the large pipe organ at the cathedral. (pic attached) The program had French contemporary music with some Bach interspersed. I enjoyed it, but French modern music leaves me just a little bit like their films..…REALLY? I told Rebecca we have a better organ in Beaverton. We took the funicular railway up one of Bergen’s seven mountains and watched the ships come in and out of the harbor.

I should mention that I got a response from an email I sent to the leader of the Oslo Bach Choir. He is forwarding my request to get Iver Kleive’s music to the composer himself! I now also have his cell phone number. Wish me luck.

We had a wonderful meal at the same restaurant as yesterday, same wonderful waiter. Asked for the meal of the day, (they prepare authentic Norsk food), and got a huge plate of what I couldn’t tell. Even the waiter had to go back to the kitchen and ask. The meat was lamb, but it was somewhere between Irish corned beef and German Sauerbraten. It was delicious. Then there was this sausage of every type of meat, elk, moose, reindeer, pork, and beef? Then this mashed orange stuff that is from a root of something the size of an eggplant but for which no one could come up of the English word for. It tasted like fruity, sweet squash, but not like sweet potatoes or yams. Very hard to describe. Well if that wasn’t enough, there were two cannon balls of potato dumplings. Could only eat one. I wonder what they will have on the menu tomorrow. Skål

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