Monday, May 21, 2012

On to Norway

May 18th

This morning got off all wrong.  We had to be to the airport by 4:30am.  Our tickets were denied and we had to purchase tickets to Oslo.  There goes a $1,000 I was not planning on spending in the middle of this trip.  Sent an email to our travel agent to see if they can figure out what is going on.  Anyways we made it to Norway.  Took the express train in to Oslo and walked to our hotel.  Our room has  a slight view of the opera house if you look left and a slight view of the bay if you look right.  Forward is a huge building with a construction site in front of it.  LOVE our place though.  They allowed us to use their laundry for free.  Didn’t have to eat out all day.  Included in the room are drinks and fruit anytime of the day, waffles from 3:00-6:00, dinner from 6:00-9:00, late night sandwiches and snacks and a full breakfast in the morning.  Food is very expensive here, so this is wonderful.

We were able to get the Oslo Pass which covers transportation ,museum and attractions.  We went to the City Hall and walked through these ornate and elaborate chambers and then to  the Nobel Peace Prize Center where they had a very moving photo exhibit on the plight of women in Afghanistan.  In one room they had these glass squares of all the Nobel Peace Prize recipients that light up when you pass by them.  It hit me that I know two who have received the award.

We walked up the promenade of parks to the palace and watched the guards march and stand at attention while tourists snapped pictures (pic attached).  Then back to our hotel for asparagus soup, salad, fresh bread, beef stew and rice and a blue berry cake with cream.  Yum!


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