Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Return to Trossingen

Because of the tour ISing went on last summer, our Director Stephen Galván and his wife were invited back to Trossingen. They visited our friends Susan Sauter and Mayor Maier and shared some of our recent concert with Hohnerklang, the harmonica and accordion orchestra from Hohner Harmonicas in Trossingen.

Read what Stephen has to say about the trip so far:

Yesterday, Mother’s Day or Mutter Tag, was all about food.  We were given a huge breakfast with eggs, salmon lox, ham, fresh fruit and assortment of mystery cheeses and meats.  And my downfall, fresh baked bread.   Then off to Susan’s place for lunch with the whole family (pics Attached).  Then off to visit Hohnerklang for champagne and dessert.  Then out for dinner at a very small posh Italian restaurant run by Johnny for prima and secundo. I had lamb.  So much food!

We got a chance to go into the Rathaus, City hall, and see the Mayor Maier’s and Susan’s office.  We went to the Dinosaur Museum and it was great to walk around the music buildings and hear students practicing.  Susan’s mom showed an area where they live they experienced a weird and severe hail storm.  Hail as large as softballs destroyed windows, cars and roofs. Now all the houses have shiny new tile roofs.

We are so excited about the plans to have Hohnerklang com to Beaverton in August of 2013.  ISing may sing a few numbers with them.  They’ve been invited to play for a big harmonica convention in Saint Louis and looks like Hohner will fund part of their trip.  They will most likely come to Portland first and be with us for maybe 5 days.

See Hohnerklang in action in the video below.

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