Wednesday, May 23, 2012

See Food Dinner

May 23:
I’m writing from the top floor of the Basic Bergen Hotel. It clean and very basic. Noise of the city filters into the windows, some pub below is being very boisterous probably watching football. Today started out with a boat trip through two fjords. The last one, the Naerøyfjord, is now a world heritage site. Pictures just do not capture the grandeur. From Gudvagen we took a bus that traversed the steepest road in Norway, hairpin turns at an 18% grade complete with waterfalls. At Voss we took a train to Bergen. The place is very busy with people from all over the world coming for the Bergen International Festival. We were able to book tickets to hear Rustavi, a Russian that I have been hoping to hear. We also got tickets for an organ concert at the cathedral and a 11:00pm concert on accordion! Finally found a music store and my hopes of finding some choral music were dashed. Apparently in Norway, with its deep tradition in choral music, has a serious problem of photo copying choral works without regard to copyrights. Publishers now hesitate to publish any choral music. We found a secluded restaurant on the waterfront. I had the fish special and Rebecca ordered shrimp (pic attached). What she got was a huge bowl of shrimp whole in the shell with their dark eyes staring blindly out. I’m glad I ordered the fish. Skål

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