Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunny Norwegian Nights

May 20th

Sunday and the day is sunny and bright.  Oslo gets two more hours of sunshine than Beaverton!  We started out this morning at the at Vigelandsparken,  Oslo’s largest park named after Gustav Vigeland Norway’s foremost sculptor.  There are 212 of his sculptures throughout the park, but probably the most impressive is the massive 56 ft. - 270 ton granite Monolith in the center of the park (pic attached).  The sculptures represent humanity in all its various forms.  We then toured the castle and palace Akershus Slott.  A delightful guide took us through the history of the fort  and of Norway, which is a relative young country only separating from Sweden in 1905.  We then went to the modern art museum and ended up the day by going to the cathedral for an evensong service…great acoustics and a young children’s choir kind of in the Anglican tradition, but all in Norwegian of course.


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