Monday, July 30, 2012


July 30th:
Today is my 56th birthday, but since I’ll be crossing the date line, I’ll be 55 forever!  We got up early to pack….SO MANY GIFTS!!!   The people of Gotemba met us to bid farewell as the bus took us back through Tokyo to the Narita airport.

Our plane doesn’t leave until this evening so we took the train in to the town of Narita to visit an old Buddhist site with many shrines, temples and pagodas.  It is the place we tried to see when we first arrived in Japan.  A railroad employee helped us figure out the tickets and gave us handwritten instructions, “Please don’t be putting inside ticket to ticket gate cause we’ll have make trouble with the ticket.” Translation – this ticket will screw up the automated ticket reader so just show it to the guy at the gate.  This time we got to the shrines the correct way, along the pilgrim road.  Even though the heat was sweltering, it was well worth the journey.

We are now at the airport waiting to board our plane.  We both desire to return to Japan some day.

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