Thursday, July 26, 2012

Up, up and away

July 26th:
Our new adventure started with flying down to Los Angeles.  LAX is not, in my opinion, a well thought out airport.  In order to connect to an international flight one has to leave the airport from the terminals servicing domestic flights.  It was very confusing and made even more confusing by lack of signage or poor directions.  Regardless we made it to our plane which was then delayed because of too much weight in the cargo hold and crews had to remove cargo and redistribute the load before we could fly out.  Singapore Air is a wonderful airline with great service.  Thank God for noise cancelling headphones.  More than the average share of screaming babies.  Got to our hotel late Tuesday night and met Mayor Denny Doyle in the hall way as we were heading to our room.  His wife Ann was to meet him at the airport on a flight from Australia which, because of a typhoon, was canceled.

This morning Rebecca and I went on a trek to a temple in Narita (the town where the “Tokyo” airport is).  After receiving extensive instructions from the hotel staff, we firmly held our map upside down and headed off in the completely wrong direction.  Ended up walking through a patch of jungles to some lovely rice patties along the Tokko River.  Two hours later we got to our destination in time to take a few pictures and then grab a taxi back to the hotel.  We joined up with the other 7 members of the Beaverton delegation and we were greeted by a delegation from our Sister City of Gotemba.  They took us by charter bus for the 3 hour journey to our hotel, LaLa Gotenba.  Our rooms have panoramic views of the city and of Mt. Fuji.  We were fed a huge meal, buffet style: pasta, lamb, duck, sushi, fish, chicken and more, much more.  We had a delightful evening talking about Beaverton politics.   Still no word as to where in the world Ann Doyle is.

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