Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chateau de Chambord

After an eventful Saturday, we had a 6:40 call time this morning to head to Chateau de Chambord. 6 hours on the bus with beautiful scenery, a peculiar lunch of ham & butter sandwiches, canned vegetable salad with tuna, apples, orange juice, and Special K bars. We arrived at Chateau de Chambord by 2pm to get our audio guides and walk through for a little over an hour.

Back to the bus to head to Chartres arriving with just enough time to check into our hotels that are 1 block away from the Chartres Cathedral, and head to dinner at La Dolce Vita, which totally made up for lunch. We enjoyed duck or fish with sides of ratatouille or potatoes au gratin, salad with balsamic, and delicious apple pie for dessert. 
View of Chartres from our room

La Dolce Vita

Chartres Cathedral

Most of us went straight to our rooms for some down time/early sleep to rest up for our eventful day tomorrow. More updates to come!

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