Sunday, June 29, 2014

ISing in Annecy

Hotel Faucigny - our last hotel before heading home. We get to stay here for 3 nights.

A few of us took an early morning dip in the pool before heading off to Annecy...for more swimming?

If you have never heard of Annecy, you should look it up. In the pictures I keep promising, you will only get a glimpse of this beautiful town. A gigantic clear lake with sail boats off in the distance with mountains touching the sky surrounding it. Hills in town with chateaus and cathedrals sticking out on the skyline above the old homes and shops along the canals.

The water so clear, here you can see some potted flowers that were thrown into the lake.

James & Andrea

Mollie, Andrea, & Lauren

Mollie swimming (on purpose) with a swan. Hello swan!

Andrea & Lauren

We had half of the day to explore on our own. Some of us did wine tours, some enjoyed the shops around town, and some of us took this day to relax and swim in the lake. It was a much needed day of relaxation and fun. That evening we went back into Cluses to enjoy a lovely garden party hosted at the home of our sister city representative, Bernadette, who is so welcoming and hospitable. They treated us to a delicious light meal before our performance in town.

Our final concert was one of epic proportions. With a church crowded with people in excited anticipation for this event that has been on their calendar for months, it finally begins. The charming Clock Choir opened with Vivaldi Gloria, then we got up to sing, ending with our choir joining with their choir to sing Nada de Turbe and Gloria. It was a full night with a 2 hour concert and a late night reception at the Cluses Hotel de Ville (city hall), where we got to socialize with the Cluses choir members and city representatives. The people are all so hospitable. We look forward to seeing them again in the future, with the Clock Choir joining us for our 10th anniversary perhaps?

Reception with the people of Cluses after our concert. Kirk, Dana, Lauren & Susan

Rebecca R. & Mark

Mollie & Sue

Hotel de Ville, where we had our late night reception.

Ecole Royale d'Horlogerie (Royal school of clock making)

During the Middle Ages, a bridge, Pont Vieux, was built on the Arve River.

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