Sunday, June 29, 2014

ISing in Chamonix

Our last hour in Cluses.

Susan representing Trossingen (sister city to Beaverton & Cluses)

Andrea was prepared for the only bit of rain on the entire trip, other than the next morning on the way to the airport in Geneva. 

Le Sigh. The last day of tour, we can finally truly relax and absorb the beauty around us. I won't try to describe Chamonix, it is beyond words and there are only so many times I can say amazing or beautiful. As a group most of us took the train to the glacier because the tram to the top was not running due to the wind, and the clouds were coming and going over the mountain tops (I was very disappointed to not be able to experience that, but now I have a reason to return).

Our last supper was at Restaurant le Tremplin under Mont Blanc. We had an outdoor dinner of the best cheese fondu, cured meats, salad with a curry dressing, and sorbet and panacotta for dessert. Cheers and thanks all around to those who worked so diligently to make this tour happen, to the choir members for making it a successful and enjoyable tour, and to our gracious hosts for inviting us in and making us feel comfortable and welcome.

Back to Interhotel du Faucigny to let loose, swim in the pool, and finish all the wine we didn't want to take back to the states. It was a fitting conclusion to the end of our tour.

It's gettin' a little cray cray on the bus - tour is almost over!!!

Awe Raina, are you out of wine?

Maria in Chamonix

Greg always saves the day!

*James Bond: The World Is Not Enough and Touching the Void are a few movies that were filmed in Chamonix.

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