Thursday, June 26, 2014

ISing in Cluses - Finally!!!

Blog for June 26th - Beer, Beaune & Bandits

Good Morning and Goodbye Chartres

We begin our day with a very early breakfast and departure to head to Hospices de Beaune. Mid-journey we stop to get fuel & food and it was in those moments that Rudy our bus driver discovers that our bus no longer has license plate on the back, someone stole it!!! You can tell someone stole it because there are footprints next to the now vacant license plate location where they put their foot on the bus to have leverage to pry the plate from it's place. Rudy does a great job quickly responding to the issue and contacting the necessary authorities to resolve the problem. With only a few minute delay we rallied and came up with paper and tape to write the license number down and tape it to the back window as a temporary resolution.
Rotisserie chicken flavored chips and Apple soda. 

You can even see the footprint of the person who used their foot as leverage to pull off the license plate. 

More bus time? Yay

This is what we saw from where we were standing during our concert at Hospices de Beaune.

Taking a little break after touring the hospital before our concert. 

On our way again, we make it to Beaune to enjoy an audio tour of the hospital and perform a few choices from our repertoire. It was a fun concert as we got to sing in an outdoor space but with walls behind us so we could hear each other, as well as sing opposite of some birds that didn't want to cooperate with our pitches. We also got to sing for some young school children that came to tour the facility.

After the concert we immediately headed for the bus to not find Rudy there. He was off looking for a better solution for the temporary bus license plate situation. So we all set our sites on a nearby park to relax and enjoy some shade while we waited. We saw a hula hoop and a strange face balloon stuck in a tree, did a little Mollie Chi and stretching, and some pinecone baseball, then headed back to the bus to find Rudy had a freshly printed cardboard license plate to tape to the back window - parfait!

We got back onto the bus and all loaded up with cold beverages for the rest of the drive to Cluses. As a bonus on our drive, Andrea decided to read the information about Hospices de Beaune from the Rick Steves' France Guide book, and we all talked her into reading it with an British accent (British and not French?). It was awesome!!! Andrea is very good at the proper English accent. We then listened to some recordings of the songs we will be performing for our 10th anniversary concert in spring 2015.
Ona finishing off some wine while Andrea reads Rick Steve's info about Hospices de Beaune, and Raina unsuccessfully trying to avoid being in the picture. 

Beautiful scenery on our way to Cluses.

Finally arrival in Cluses, our final city on the tour. We still have a few other locations to visit Friday and Saturday, but we are checked into our last hotel, which by the way has a pool! Hopefully we will have some time to swim (in non-swampy clean water). We had a lovely dinner before transferring over to the church to meet and rehearse with the Clock Choir of Cluses. A nice ending to the day. We are all very excited about singing with them tomorrow evening for our final performance.

The Clock Choir of Cluses, France

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