Tuesday, June 24, 2014

ISing @ Versailles

Tuesday. Tuesday? Yeah Tuesday.

Versailles. Le Sigh. What a magnificent palace with elaborate picturesque gardens, and...clumsy Americans falling into the Grand Canal? What can I say to describe the beauty of Versailles, you may have to see it for yourself to find the words, all I can say is that it was an experience and memory of a lifetime. I got to "swim" at Versailles. As we were touring the gardens we made our way all the way down to the Grand Canal. Lauren walked down to the step at the very tip of the canal to dip her feet. Please note that 5 minutes prior I had said how I would love to swim across the entire canal. I walked down to join her in dipping our feet in the water but as I approached the step was so slimy my foot slipped and gravity did it's job. I'm sure the fall was as graceful and awe inspiring for those around us as the statues themselves. Well, I don't know about graceful but I do know it was hilarious. As I laughed my way out of the canal a French woman approached, she pointed to her camera and said "Please repeat." We all had a good laugh. I was thankful for what happened as now I can check swim the Grand Canal at Versailles off my bucket list, and I also stayed very cool the rest of the day, everyone should have jumped in!

Mollie before swimming (falling) in the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal sans Mollie

Kirk & Dana



James & Andrea

Rebecca B.




Lauren & Kirk walking through the gardens

Yep, that happened.

We all had a good laugh.

Many others on the visit of Versailles decided to see inside the palace. Unfortunately the wait in line was 1.5 hours and by the time they got inside they only had 45 minutes to tour before heading back to the bus. At least we all got to be there. :)

We then returned back to Chartres to relax and have dinner, then dress to prepare for our concert in the Chartres Cathedral. The cathedral is currently under restoration so there is a lot of construction around, but it is still wonderful to see. I am glad we got to see some of the old unrestored areas before they complete the restoration (pics to come).  We had an audience of about 30 come to the concert, but that didn't matter because we all were just enjoying singing and listening to our voices carry through this 11th-13th century cathedral. It was certainly a highlight for Stephen Galvan, as it was for all of us.

Each night at 10pm they have a light show on the Chartres Cathedral walls. The lights and images move and change color along with music.

A well deserved drink and dessert treat after our Chartres Cathedral Concert.

Tomorrow...to Paris!!!

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