Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Long Long Day

US, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and France all in one day!!! We were wiped out! Only a few mishaps on the journey here. Apparently airlines don't like it if you have 2 middle names used on your ticket that don't match your passport, thankfully nothing money can't fix. :) Also Ona & Raina flew separately to Amsterdam and their ticket that was purchased to fly to Geneva was unfortunately made for them to fly on the wrong date, so $700 later, they managed to get on our flight to Geneva, once again nothing money can't fix (thankfully).

We arrived in Geneva around 1130am and got on the bus and headed to Mont-Saleve cable car.

All a little sleep deprived, but happy to be here.

Delicious Radler (lemonade beer) and Bavarian Pretzels for snack from Susan Sauter. 

Off in the distance...Mont-Blanc from the top of Mont-Saleve.

El Jeffe

 We enjoyed watching the para-gliders jump off the mountain and float down, the views of Geneva and Lake Geneva were incredible, and a few of us hiked to the top of the mountain to see the glorious Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. 3.5 hours on the bus to Valpre in Lyon with a few traffic and direction hiccups, a few restful moments before a delicious dinner (Yvonne probably has photos posted of the dinner on facebook), and then sleep! Finally sleep!

Our first feast at Hotel Valpre Lyon, France

Beautiful area behind Hotel Valpre. There were walking trails and even wild hedgehogs!

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