Thursday, October 8, 2015

On to Cheonan!

This missive is directly from Steve and Rebecca: 

Our day started off with greetings from two new representatives from Cheonan, Jae-Sook Lee (left) and Dong-Sik Shin (right) as we met up with the rest of the Beaverton delegation, Anne, Jeanine and Lisa. 

We toured Bukchon, a village frozen in time in the midst of modernized Seoul where the traditional architecture of Korea is found amongst the narrow alleys and steep hills. We toured a private residence recreated in the traditional methods but incorporating all the modern conveniences. 

After a lunch of spicy beef stew we made our way to Gyeongbok Palace where we arrived just in time for the ceremony of the changing of the guards. This palace originally consisted of hundreds of buildings but was burned in 1592. Most of the buildings here today were reconstructed from the late 1800s onward.

We got a chance for a lovely nap on the drive to Cheonan, about 2 hours from Seoul. We arrived just in time for the welcoming ceremony of the 2015 International Dance Festival. The dinner was followed by the festival’s opening ceremonies which included a number of fabulous dances by groups from around the world, culminating in a fireworks show to celebrate the evening. We discovered next that the throngs of teenagers in the crowd were really more interested in the post-fireworks entertainment…a series of K-Pop stars. We old folks snuck out after the first 3 or 4 groups!

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