Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 2 - Tokyo - May 27, 2017

Day 2 was an amazing, fantastic, somewhat exhausting day, I think most would agree.  So much happened!

The day began bright and early with a very good breakfast in the hotel Mercure restaurant.  We heard a lot of stories from people about how jet lag was impacting them.  A lot of people either did not sleep at all, due to being "tired and wired", or they would sleep two hours, wake up for two hours and repeat that pattern during the night.  I was lucky and slept straight through from 10:30 pm to 4:30 am.

After breakfast we walked to the train station.  Rebecca handed out train passes for everyone, which made train and subway transportation so easy.  We had a pleasant one hour ride into Tokyo, and it was fun to see all the people on the train as it got more and more crowded the closer to Tokyo we got.

When we reached Tokyo we were greeted by a wonderful group of volunteer guides.  Everyone was divided into smaller groups and assigned a guide.  We started at Ueno Park outside of the Ueno train station, where we got a great shot of the whole group.

 Volunteer Guides
Yukie and Yi

Group at Ueno Park Tokyo-These are two of our most wonderful guides, Yukie on the left and Yi on the right.  Yukie and Yi were patient and warm with our group.  

Here we are collected together prior to splitting off into our individual groups in Tokyo.

Here is Group B at the Imperial Palace, in front of the Stone Bridge (called the Eyeglass Bridge in Japanese) because of it's twin arches. .One highlight was that there were no cars because there was a half marathon and bike race happening.  A highlight was the stone walls surrounding the palace with a mote.  There were beautifully sculptured pine trees and lovely manicured lawns.  On New Year's Day and December 23rd it is possible to enter the  inner grounds to where the Imperial Family can be seen from a balcony.

Here is a panorama of some of the sacred grounds we saw in the Ueno district.

More Group B.having fun with our volunteer guides.

Stairs to Temple in Asakuso

Jake and Mollie's 17th Anniversary at the wonderful Grill House in Narita
This is a perfect example of some of the after hours intimate dining opportunities for bonding and getting to know people


  1. We are following along from home - loving all the photos here on the blog and on various social media posts. Keep 'em coming! We hope everyone is well and having a great experience.

  2. I just got caught up with your travels so far. So fun! I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying their adventuring! Wish I could be there with you all. Keep an eye on one another. ;)
    - Heather G.