Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hakone Region Tour

Today we explored the Hakone region near Gotemba.  Hakone is a town within the borders of the volcanically active Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park centered on Lake Ashinoko.

The group assembles to take attendance by counting off.

Hakone Shrine

Purify your hands and mouth at the temizuya water pavillion.
You must purify yourself first before you stand in front of the deity to pray.

  1. Scoop water with ladel in your right hand and pour some over your left hand
  2. Hold ladel with left hand and pour water over your right hand.
  3. In your left hand take some water that you have scooped with the ladel and rinse your mouth

Susan and Maria, above the lake in the foothills of Mount Hakone, near the Hakone Visitors Center

Hot Steam rises from vents coming out of Mount Hakone near Mount Fuji

Black Eggs of Hakone - 7 years life extension for each egg eaten
A lot of us ate the black hard boiled eggs--they are hot when you buy them, and they are basically regular hard boiled eggs with black shells.
They are boiled in 80 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes in the natural spring water that smells heavily of sulfur.  Then they are steamed at 100 degrees for 15 minutes in  steal baskets.  The water they are boiled in contains sulfur and iron.  The black eggs, or commonly called "kuro-Tamago" by the locals are perfectly safe, although they may smell like sulfur.  They are believed to add 7 years to your life.

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