Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ona's Day at Disney

Day one in Tokyo was exhausting but a success!  I decided to break away from the group and go all by my onesie to Tokyo Disney Sea. I met a very nice group of business men from Iran on the train who offered to sell me one of their tickets at the group price because some of their crew didn't make it. Such a nice offer but it was for Disneyland. Not Disney Sea. 

While researching my excursion the repeat theme was that one MUST eat a Chandu Tail from the Sultan's Oasys. Chandu is Sinbad's adorable tiger companion and he's very popular here. I waited in a queue for 30 minutes to eat his tail!  I was extremely hesitant because the description is "bun with chicken cream." Not only does that sound unappetizing but I'm picky about texture. I'm glad I didn't wimp out because it was DELICIOUS!  When in, Japan!  

The crowds were pretty heavy as I expected on a weekend but less so than when my husband and I went to Tokyo Disneyland a few years ago. Disney Sea is so much bigger that It helps spread people out. With that said though, some wait times were consistently over 130 minutes!   I utilized my fast passes to avoid lengthy waits and rode quite a few rides!  The park is beautiful and the themed lands are on point!  I did miss a little of the tradition of your typical Disneyland park but this was something new, unique and very worth my time, sunburn, and aching feet!  Thanks to Yvonne and Jing for pointing me in the right direction with the trains!  

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  1. Oh Wow - I want to hear more about this Disney visit when you get home!