Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Last Supper, All Good Things Come To An End

Bistro Damontei, owned by Cathy Toma's twin sister's brother-in-law (Darren)
 After a day of leisurely exploring Kyoto and visiting the Monkey Park, the choir met at 3:15 pm and we all crammed into a single bus to head out for our last organized event.

Cathy Toma's twin sister's brother-in-law is the owner and head chef of this totally cool Bistro called Bistro Damontei, so we reserved his restaurant for our end of tour celebration.  The food was fabulous.  It felt like we were visiting someone's home.  We had an absolutely great time. It was the perfect ending to a spectacularly successful tour of Japan.  With that, everyone said a fond sayonara and traveled home the following day.

Tall Guys demonstrating where the doorway cuts them off
Making Chicken Yakitori in the yard at Bistro Damontai

This sign was prominently displayed on the wall at the Bistro Damontei

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